• Milestone 1 - A Kick in the Teeth By Wendy Wan-Long Shang
  • Milestone 2 - Eugene Takes a Holiday By Varian Johnson
  • Milestone 3 - The Weatherings By Jude Watson
  • Milestone 4 - I Love Surprises By R.L. Stine
  • Milestone 5 - The One and Only Jason Adams, Slayer & Sleuth By Patrik Henry Bass
  • Milestone 6 - Blank By Gordon Korman
  • Milestone 7 - What If... By Blue Balliett
  • Milestone 8 - Always Pack a Solar Charger: A Cautionary Tale By Tui Sutherland
  • Milestone 9 - To Whom It May Concern By Roland Smith
  • Milestone 10 - Pip Bartlett and the Glitterbark By Maggie Stiefvater & Jackson Pearce
  • Milestone 11 - Role Reversal By Michael Northrop
  • Milestone 12 - The Holder By Lauren Tarshis

Congratulations, summer readers! Thank you for participating in the
2015 Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge. See you in summer 2016!





Fun Factsfrom the 2015 Summer Reading Challenge

286,611,349Total Minutes Read
1,401,239Kids Joined
6,229Schools Joined
28Countries Joined

Top 20 Schools

  1. Jackson Elementary School21,285,863 min
  2. Doedyns Elementary School18,839,499 min
  3. Boggy Creek Elementary School14,844,153 min
  4. Lake Nona Middle School6,526,662 min
  5. Carroll Academy4,413,046 min
  6. Newell Elementary School2,733,841 min
  7. Heritage Elementary School2,639,339 min
  8. Gray Elementary School2,579,278 min
  9. Flora Ridge Elementary School2,300,326 min
  10. Williams Intermediate School2,290,953 min
  1. Odom Elementary School2,213,840 min
  2. Beacon Cove Intermediate School2,133,452 min
  3. Ballantyne Elementary School2,112,954 min
  4. Kenner Discovery Health Science Academy2,074,424 min
  5. Lisa Park Elementary School2,034,934 min
  6. George L Hess Education Complex1,789,298 min
  7. Warms Springs Elementary School1,717,731 min
  8. Hill Intermediate School1,716,498 min
  9. Roosevelt Elementary School1,683,033 min
  10. Etowah Elementary School1,682,225 min

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